Quest for the Horn

The Hunt Continues

The party begins by discussing rumors and questioning Janie. Janie reveals that the king has a new mistress named Marilyn and that there have been very strange happenings involving the castle and the castle guard lately. Janie hints that people are being replaced by dopplegangers. Janie tells the party they should find the bar The Lucky Jester in Andor and to seek out Maurice. He will be cooperative with us should we head that way. At this point, Bertrand, a sergeant in the city guard, introduces himself and offers his assistance. The party accepts Janie’s quest of investigating the castle, but it will be in the future when they are more powerful. The party then splits us to gather supplies for their adventures and meet a merchant named Sven. Sven says he will take them to Bayleron if they like. The party then departs on a merchant ship for the city of Bayleron. En route, the ship was attacked and taken by a Roc and deposited into a nest high in the Mountains of Mist. The party explored until they came upon the wall of a great keep. Inside, they were given the quest of retrieving The Orb of Undoing to break an evil spell binding a keep full of skeletons. The pary accepted the quest, and en route to the Necromancer’s Cabin, the were stopped by the Storm Giant Charlie. Charlie asked them to rid his house of goblins so he can hang out with his friend Harold. The group accepted and cleared his house for him. At this point, Harold, the Red Dragon, shows up and thanks us for helping his friend. Charlie then gave the party a golden zipper that opens a portal to Fort Kick-Ass.

**Notable Events – Quest given Investigate the Castle, Rumors Shared



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